Pecorino Romano ZANETTI-  Aged for more Than 9 mounts



Pecorino Romano is a savory warrior delivering sharp thrusts of sea salt, umami, and seasoned meat to the palate with a lingering zest at the finish. Its firm, granular paste maintains a glossy mouthfeel as a result of the incredible richness and abundance of butterfat content in the sheep’s milk it is produced from. This cheese transcends the ages—it is as relevant to the contemporary dinner table as it was to ancient Roman banquets.


In Italy, pecorini cheeses come from different regions, especially, central, southern and the islands. Two types are produced in several regions: pecorino romano, which, despite the name, is produced in Tuscany, Lazio and Sardinia, and pecorino toscano which is produced in both Tuscany and Lazio

Pecorino Romano- 9 mounts- 200g


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